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Quilting for pleasure
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flannel Flannel Flannel

After working in the yard pulling weeds I came in to prepare 8 receiving blankets with burp clothes in readiness to crochet around the edges.  I used my Accucut die cutter to cut out the burp clothes with a die I designed & had made.  Since I make so many, it sure saves me time cutting out.  When I cut out the burp clothes there is always a little fabric leftover.....and we all know I just can't throw it out.  So, I used my 3 1/2" square die to cut out flannel squares.  I have used these in baby quilts before.  I keep my precut shapes in ziplock bags so I can pick up a bag when I have the urge to do some sewing but don't have time to cut anything out.  I have 2 plastic containers full right now of various shapes.  I have quite a few of the 3 1/2" squares cut out right now & if anyone would like to give them a nice home (for free) just let me know!  That will give me more room for the upcoming bits & pieces.



Box of 3 1/2" squares ready to go to a new home!  There's an assortment of flannel in there.

QUILTING TIP OF THE DAY:  Flannel is fun to sew with.  It is cotton but has more give than regular cotton so be careful when handling in pieced projects.  It tends to shrink quite a bit, so pre-washing is a good idea (I don't always do that as I love the old fashioned quilted look you get after washing the project).  After pre-washing, iron on some spray sizing (NOT STARCH) as the sizing will help the flannel from stretching too much & makes for better handling when sewing.  Also, when you press the seams if you press them open instead of to one side you will have less bulk.  This is especially helpful when you hand quilt/tie the quilt.

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