Quilting for pleasure

Quilting for pleasure
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teaching the Tumbler block

This past week I had the honor of teaching a young woman how to make her first quilt.  I used the Tumbler die cutter from Accucut and used blue, cream and red fabric.  She did a marvelous job.  I machine quilted it for her and she is now in the process of hand sewing the binding on.  I hope if you have a chance to share what you know with someone, that you will take the time to share.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  Next month - Pillowcases!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tumbler Flag Quilt

The new year has been cold so far.  Of course, it is winter.  The quilting bug has got me again.  Started off with an easy pattern - Tumbler Flag Quilt.  I enjoyed using my Accuquilt tumbler die cut pattern to cut out the lap sized quilt.  While I was at it, I cut a second one out and taught a young lady in our town her first quilt lesson.  We enjoyed this afternoon and she did a great first time job.  Hopefully, she will continue learning and enjoying sewing.  I intend to give my quilt to one of our soldiers who will be leaving once again for Iraq.  I hope we can all keep our service men and women and their families in our prayers and thoughts.