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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Center of Attention

You may remember my 2 Big Star block quilts that I made over the last few months.  When snowballing the corners of the blocks I sewed the seam & then sewed about 1/4" from that seam & cut down the center.  Instead of wasting fabric I had completed half square triangle units.  I had set them aside knowing I would do something with them.  Et voila!  The center panel of this quilt is the result of using those units.  I added some borders & even used some orange fabric to make corners on the joining units for the one border.  All in all I am very happy with the results.  The backing fabric was included in the borders & is from the Prairie Grass line of fabric from ConnectingThreads.com.

"Center of Attention"

Machine quilted using a "Curls" design

We had about 8" of snow this morning (UGH) but it was nice to spread the quilt out on my lap to sew the label on. By the way, I am so tired of winter weather :(

The next project is awaiting.  I am making a quilt for a co-worker's daughter's wedding.  She picked out the fabric & thanks to ConnectingThreads.com we were able to email each other with fabric kept in a wish list on the CT.com website.  It made narrowing down the colors & fabrics so much easier!  Anyway, the shipment arrived yesterday.  I just have to tweak the pattern (which means I am adapting a quilt she saw online) and decide what size block units will work the best for the queen sized quilt that she requested.