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Quilting for pleasure
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

County Fair Coming Soon!

Just finished putting the label on another "Olivia" baby quilt.  Free motion quilting in what I call "piggy tails" & threw in some words too.  Using red thread was so much fun.  Sometimes a quilter just has to do something a little different.

Tomorrow is a County Fair committee meeting - lots to learn & I am looking forward to helping out again this year.  Visit our county fair site at http://www.seviercountyfair.net/ to see what will be happening this year.

Quilting tip of the day - I am often asked how to choose colors.  I always say to choose colors that YOU love.  When you buy a piece of print fabric there are color ways printed right on the edge of the fabric to help you choose your colors.  Also, take a look at prepackaged items - companies have already paid someone to come up with colors that are appealing.  Trust yourself in your choices.  There are no ugly quilts!

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