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Quilting for pleasure
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Treasure Number One Found Today

Had a surprisingly great time at the local thrift store (Deseret Industries) on my lunch hour with hubby.  Found two (yes TWO!!!!) great finds.

I will post the first one tonight.  This little gem was found hiding on a lower shelf.  When I opened the case my heart started to pound.  What is this!!!!

After cleaning, servicing, and adjustments this jewel sews like dream.  She didn't have any bobbins or attachments, but wouldn't you know, I have a stash of the bobbins that I need for her.

Looked up the serial number on the Singer site and found that she is a Model 328K made May 21, 1962 in Clydebank Scotland.  I couldn't find a machine the same color as this one but the serial number gave me the model, date, and place she was manufactured.

Ah, life is sweet.  Especially when she was a whopping ..........$12!  (Insert happy dance here)

Can't wait to service the next great find.  But no info on that little puppy until I have completed the service on it.

She is all set to sew some quilt blocks!

Case is in good shape.  The leather handle is cracked, but I can live with that.

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