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Quilting for pleasure
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Panguitch Quilt Walk - Day 2

Well, where to begin.  First class of the day was "Sunny Skies" with Jenny Doan.  I just want to say that I adore that woman.  She is so funny, so creative, and has a quirky sense of humor that I totally get!  Managed to get all but one of my rows done on the quilt.  Will finish the last row tonight in my motel room.  I haven't taken a photo of the quilt progress but I will post a photo of the completed project sometime in the near future.  Jenny & her hubby Ron graciously posed for photos.

The trunk show today was with Helen Butler.  Helen is an award winning quilter who does magnificent work.  Her quilts are show quilts and absolutely beautiful.  On the other spectrum from myself as I like to make quilts that will be used, loved, dragged around until there is nothing left of them.  I attempted to get a photo of Helen during the trunk show but my camera did not do well.  Sorry for that.

My afternoon class was a hand applique one with Francine Berrett.  She is a good teacher but this is not a technique that I enjoy.  But I made myself listen & actually hand appliqued part of my project.  It will be part of my Sevier County Fair quilt this year.  (If I get time to get to it at home!)

Dinner at the Cowboy Smokehouse.  Yummy chicken fried steak with lumpy mashed potatoes (just how I like them with skins & all), and crisp broccoli.  I walked downtown to get some exercise & the restaurant is located downtown so that was great.

Ran into some folks from Glenwood too.  Donna & Kirk Sorenson.  Donna is an avid quilter but didn't sign up for classes this year.

More tomorrow!

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