Quilting for pleasure

Quilting for pleasure
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting Ready for the Panguitch, Utah Quilt Walk

This week I am getting my gear packed up for the Panguitch Quilt Walk.  This will be the first year that I will be taking classes.  Looking forward to my classes.  Special guest this year will be Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I have followed her for years and have used many of her techniques.

I had seen a way to take sewing gear to classes on Facebook utilizing a tool box.  Well, took Hubby to Home Depot with me to show him what had  been suggested.  Needless to say he thought I needed the bigger sized tool box.  It works perfectly.  Holds one of my sewing machines perfectly & all the goodies I think I will need plus a few that I may need & a few that I just want to take with me.

Will post my activities each day.  That is if I am not quilting away!

Taking my pressing table that I made out of a TV tray.
All my class packages are in the pink fabric tote ready to go.

Trays of thread, needles, tape, sundries.

Taking my Kenmore sewing machine on this trip.  May also tuck the Singer Featherweight II in the trunk.

Stanley FatMax purchased at Home Depot.

Iron is tucked in the top tray.

Cutting mat tucked in with the sewing machine (in front of the machine).


  1. Is there such a thing as being Over-Prepared? *snicker* Have fun! Say hi to Jenny for me...on second thought, she doesn't even know me.

  2. Ah, Rochelle, she could. Over Prepared - yep sounds like me.