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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Day!

Busy day today.  Started off cleaning house, then headed to town to pick up some things.  We passed by a yard sale on the way to visit my son & hubby said "I think there's a sewing machine back there".  Well, drove around the block & sure enough there sat an old Singer in bad shape.  Now, I have a rule on buying used sewing machines - 1.  It must be in good enough shape that I can get it sewing in a short period of time, and 2. It must have most of the parts intact.  That keeps me from buying anything that may sit around in useless condition for any period of time.  However, in a cardboard box sitting on the lawn by one of the tables there sat a New Home model 110.  No instruction manual, only a couple of presser feet, but when I took the race & hook out to check the wear it seemed as if the machine had not been used very much or very hard.  The price was only $20.  You bet I grabbed that little puppy up!  I brought it home in it's poor little cardboard box, took it apart, made some adjustments, put it back together, cleaned it up & it sews like a dream!  This particular model of New Home was made by the Janome Co. in the mid 1970's (I believe).  Decided I needed to sew a couple of pillow cases, but didn't use the New Home, as I wanted the WD40 to be completly gone before sewing a project.  Made one of the pillowcases for a friends granddaughter (with a peace sign) and the other pillowcase is to go with the Peace Sign quilt for Bailee.  It's been a really good day.  I hope you all have a great evening.

 Before                                                                                                       After

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