Quilting for pleasure

Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

"A Mother's Heart"

The hazard of cutting a box full of 2 ½” squares......... what do I do with them? Well, I thought I think I can begin to work on designing a pattern. So let's start with a simple 4 patch. Didn't get too technical with the colors. Just decided to go with a light/dark pattern. But then I thought........I should design a simple pattern perhaps with a heart shape thrown it.

That got me to thinking about the first big scrappy quilt that I made. Well actually, my Mom did most of the sewing. We used all of my scraps from my garment projects. I loved that quilt. I actually wore it out. But the best thing......the memory of sharing the experience with my Mom. She has always encouraged me in my sewing endeavors. She tried to teach me to sew but I was a poor student but eventually I found my stride. I love fabric. I love using scraps. I love the whole process of using different fabrics, colors, and coming up with a quilt that I would love to snuggle up in. This is one of those quilts.

When I decided to design the heart shape I knew the name of the pattern would be “A Mother's Heart”. It just reminded me of my Mom. Even with all of the differences in us, the dark (sad), the light (joy), the tight weaves (intense); the looser weaves (carefree); somehow when it all comes together....it works! The best thing......the heart is big enough to gather all (everyone) in.

So, this quilt pattern is for my Mom. For caring, loving, encouraging, wiping the tears, believing in me, and always loving me.....thanks Mom.

1,440   2 1/2" squares

A Mother's Heart

Backing is pieced with striped fabric from Summertime
Stripe by Daisy Kingdom for Springs Industries
The green is from the Mirage line from www.connectingthreads.com

The fun part of scrappy quilts is using all those fun fabrics
that you fell in love with!

Machine quilted with pale green thread in a meandering loop pattern.  Kept it simple because there is so much going on in the fabrics.

Sewn on my little Singer Featherweight (Dottie).  Love using my vintage machines.

PS - I still have a half box full of 2 1/2" squares.  Only cleared out 2 drawers of the 2 1/2" strips that were subcut into 2 1/2" squares.