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Quilting for pleasure
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meet Lizzie!

As many of you know, I have 4 fabulous grandsons.  With that said, you also know that the toy room contains cars, trucks, planes, balls, golf clubs, etc.  My little granddaughter has been fine with all of these toys until last week.  While we were watching Despicable Me (for the 4th time) that beautiful little girl looked at me and said "Grandma B, do you have a baby doll?"  Well, we have Raggedy Andy & Nancy (a cloth doll) but no "baby doll".  Let me tell you, after waiting for such a long time for a little girl to grace our home, how could I not have a "baby doll" in the house????  I have looked at dolls at the local stores over the last couple of years but could never find a doll that I thought was cute.
Next morning - headed to our local thrift store on the off chance I could find something.  Lots of little dolls there.  Small ones, well loved ones, none with clothing, most with molded hair on their heads.  I moved several little ones out of the way......and found this little jewel.  Her eyes open & close.  She had no clothes and needed a little cleaning.  She was 75 cents!
Home she came.  Gave her a "spa day" - mineral rub (Comet cleaner), a bubble bath (Spic & Span cleaner), and shampooed & styled her hair.  Finished her little outfit this afternoon.  I think she is one special little "baby doll".  I have named her Lizzie.

Lizzie - After photo

Lizzie - Before photo

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