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Quilting for pleasure
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fair Quilt Finished!

Just finished putting the binding & label on the quilt for the Sevier County Fair.  I was short on time so I made a very simple pattern.  I was going to use Triangles but then I decided to offset them a little to make them wonky.  This means that every so often the triangles do not line up but are shifted just a bit.  Makes for a fun quilt.  Machine quilted in pink thread & had the words "When Pigs Fly" just above the flying piggy applique.  Don't think it shows too well in the photo.
Found some adorable piggy fabric for the borders & love the spotted pink flannel for some of the triangles & backing.

WonkyTriangles (love the piggy fabric in the border)

Can't see the words "When Pigs Fly" too well but they are just above the pig.

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