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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Busy Month of July

Well, it's been a month since I last posted a blog.  How can that be?  Yard work, garden work, house work, work work, quilting somewhere in between :)

Anyway, today I was fortunate enough to come across another sewing machine in a cabinet at an estate sale.  It is a mid 1190's Kenmore sewing machine & cabinet.  I was able to download the instruction manual for it too.  Right now it is sitting in the garage awaiting a home.  Had to do a bit of cleaning, oiling & adjusting but she runs like a dream.  Have more bobbins ordered and on their way (Don't you just love the Internet at times like this?).
Have my quilt on the frame - it was from the class Sunny Skies with Jenny Doan at the Panguitch Quilt Walk.  I have a secondary quilt in the process of being sewn together with the leftovers from that quilt.  Also still working on the hand stitching on the wool applique wall hanging.  Also working on the quilt from another quilt class.  Also working on a scrappy quilt from one of Bonnie Hunter's book.  Now, you need to know my rule is to never start a project until I am finished with a project.  However, the class at the Quilt Walk has altered that mind set for a little while.  I will be finishing the other Quilt Walk quilt after I machine quilt the one on the frame.  Will go back to my way of doing things in a month.
Also have a customer's baby quilt to get quilted.
Also have an order for a quilt using some fantastic fabric I just purchased with Indian Motorcycles & co-ordinated fabric.
Whew!  What was I thinking!  Also have the County Fair the first week in August.
Still trying to get my binding hand sewn on the quilt that I made for the Fair.

Kenmore sewing machine & cabinet.

My version of the Sunny Skies quilt on the frame & waiting for stitches!

and forgot these 2 baby quilts waiting in line to be quilted.

hand work always gets set aside for some reason.

Messy sewing area.  Hate the mess but work in progress.

Will be a little while before posting again. Need to buckle down & get these things out.

Have a wonderful summer!

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