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Quilting for pleasure
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas decorations up. Wonderful find at the DI.

Spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with our oldest son & family in Fruita Colorado.  Saturday I put up the Christmas decorations.  I don't believe that I went overboard, but hubby thinks otherwise.

I have been looking at a vintage sewing machine at our local DI thrift store.  It was $40.  A beautiful Singer 503A in a cabinet.  Well, I don't really have room for yet another vintage machine & cabinet but I thought I would take one more look.  It is missing the front slide plate & does not have any accessories included.  As I stood looking just one more time, the manager came over & asked if I was going to purchase the machine.  I told him that I was thinking about it.  He then said "What if I mark it down from the $20 reduced price to $10?"

Well, I could not pass that up.  I had already made sure that it was working.  Checked on the cost of the replacement front slide plate, and brought her home.  It's a circa 1961 Singer 503A Rocketeer.  I have ordered the part (under $10) and can't wait to put her back in her cabinet.  We had taken her out to bring her home in my little car & I then gave it a servicing.  Will keep an eye out for attachments & cams.

Beautiful cabinet too!

Covered the bookcase & hung the stockings with care.
A wheelbarrow full of stuffed toys sits at the base.

My tiny tree fits nicely in the living room.   We don't
really have space for a big tree.

The little bitty tree sits by the front door by the 
vintage looking chests.

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