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Quilting for pleasure
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bee a Star

I love the pattern by Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner that was featured in the August 2017 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine (page 40).  I had the bright fabrics & had bought the white fabric a couple of months ago.  The fabric is much brighter in real life.  Finished the quilt this evening and the sun was setting so lots of shadows in the yard.

The bright blue fabric in the blocks & outer border has bees with a dotted flight pattern.  I echoed that flight pattern in the machine quilting.  Simple and effective, or at least I think so.

The name of the quilt also came from the star blocks & the bee fabric.  I beelieve we are all stars!!  ((Spelling error on purpose))

Beelieve in yourself.  Bee kind to yourself & others. No one left beehind.

OK.  Enough of that.  I hope you find this quilt as darling as I do.  I beelieve (sorry) that I will put this one in my "for sale" pile.

Simple but darling pattern.

Colors are much brighter in real life.  Note the bee flight machine quilting.

Bee a Star.  Says it all.

Used the printed fabric for backing.  Really does not show how bright the fabrics are.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the matching pillowcase.

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