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Quilting for pleasure
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Dottie & I spent the weekend sewing

This past weekend I was able to finish piecing a quilt top for a wedding shower this coming Saturday.  Made a simple quilt top & finished machine quilting it today.  Took today off of work as my personal day.  Just have to make the label & put the binding on.

I pieced the quilt with my Singer Featherweight machine, which I call Dottie (as she was purchased at the Pink Polka Dot in Panguitch).  Amazing how smooth that machine runs.

Two things I picked up from quilter Bonnie K. Hunter (www.Quiltville.com).  She uses an old credit card attached to the machine as a 1/4 inch sewing guide.  Found that to work like a charm!  I used one of those advertising cards you get in the mail.

The second thing I am using from Bonnie Hunter is the leader/ender.  You keep a little stack of cut pieces (in my case 2 1/2 inch squares) by your machine.  When you come to the end of sewing on your current project just pick up a unit (again mine are 2 1/2 inch squares) and sew a unit together.  You do this at the end of each ending & it becomes your leader for your next project piece.  Cut the leader/ender off of the chain & stack up for use in another project.  I have quite a little stack sewn together just from this last quilt project.

Happy sewing all!

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