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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vintage White Model 162 Sewing Machine

Last week while looking through items at our local Desert Industries (thrift store) I came across a vintage White sewing machine.  It did not have a zig zag foot so I didn't try it out.  Well, today I went back & the machine was still there.  I had a sewing bag with me with fabric, thread, and yes, a zig zag foot.  Hauled that sucker over to the "give it a try" counter.  Put the foot on, plugged her in, adjusted tension & she purred liked a kitten.  The carrying case is in fair shape but the machine is a sweetheart.  No cams came with it but she does a straight stitch, zig zag, & blind stitch.  Now, I found the manager & asked him if the machine could be marked down.  He went to his office.   I continued to sew on her.  Back he came & hit me with $15.  I lugged that 30 lb. puppy up to the counter & she was all mine.  At home she & the case had a good scrubbing, then oiled & adjusted the machine.  Can I just say I love vintage!
No actual sewing happened today as the weather was so nice I worked outside.  BBQ with the kids, played with Hannah, had a great day.
Maybe sewing tomorrow after church.

Model 162

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