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Quilting for pleasure
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rhythm & Rhyme & HARMONY

Worked all last evening & tonight to finished this quilt.  I really like the way it came together.  The patter is from the March/April 2015 Fons & Porters Love of Quilting.  The quilt was designed by Linda Pumphrey.  I did make one change by doubling the size of the outer borders.  The quilt is a special order for a young woman's graduation.  Hope she likes it.  The weather was pretty grey this evening so I had to take the photos in the house.  Lighting was not so good.  The colors ares actually brighter than they appear.

Size turned out to be 77" x 91"

Love the way the blocks created the pattern.

The name came to me last night.  I had something else in mind, but Harmony is what this quilt is.

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  1. I just noticed your post while I was searching for a manual or anything related to this machine. I got this today for 9.99 at our goodwill store, I was so excited, You are so right you could anchor a boat with it . I could just barely pick it up. I don't know how to use it yet, I did plug it up the light came on and the needle went up and down.If you know where I could get a manual please let me know. Thanks