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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Aldens Deluxe 146B Sewing Machine!

Every once in a while Tom & I go to see what's new at the thrift store.  Well, today there was an Aldens Deluxe 146B sewing machine.  No case, no table, but did have the wiring harness & foot pedal, instruction book, bobbin case, and the straight stitch foot.  The manager of Deseret Industries marked it down to $25 so I bought it.  Took it home - cleaned it up - oiled it up - adjusted tensions - it works like a dream.  I had one sewing machine case left in my stock & it had a new wiring harness & pedal in it.  In went the machine & TA DA!  I will search for a zig zag foot.  I can imagine sewing many quilt blocks on this puppy.  Oh, and it is one of those HEAVY machines.  We used to lovingly call them "boat anchors" in our store.

Here she sits in her new case.

Not often do I find the instruction manuals with the used machines.

The new case that I had in stock.

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