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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Starry" brings in 2015 Quilting

This scrappy quilt was actually started last year but finished today.  I sorted some fabric scraps into two 1 gallon Ziploc plastic bags - one for light & one for dark.  I didn't care what the colors were just that there was a noticeable degree of difference in the shades of the fabric.  Just so you know, this quilt measures approximately 78" x 92" and only used approximately 1/3 of each of the bags of scraps.  I probably have enough scraps left in the bags & other containers to make several more scrappy quilts.

The pattern was from Bonnie Hunter's (of Quiltville.blogspot.com) book Scraps & Shirttails.  The quilt she made was called Virginia Bound.  I really relate to Bonnie's style of scrappy quilts.

My version of the quilt pattern

Leftover block had to become the label.
Backing is soft flannel in a bright blue color

Mater is peaking out of this strip!

Chef Froggy even got a strip in.

Even used some pirate fabric.  Booty Way!
Oh yeah, the doggy fabric is next to it.

Lion from some jungle fabric.  Cute little face.

ATV fabric made it too.

Just a few of the fun fabrics that I used.  Bonnie Hunter has a saying "If the fabric is still ugly, you didn't cut it small enough."

Quilted in a free motion curls & hooks pattern.  Just a fun over all pattern.

So this is the quilt that will begin this year.

Next project - Fidget lap quilt for a friend's sister.

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