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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

River Walk - New Flannel Quilt

I just had to use the four fabrics I chose for this quilt.  The wild zebra print just spoke to me.  I decided a simple Fence Rail block would work perfectly.  The corners on the borders were mitered.  I don't usually do mitering as I have to have a little more fabric on the borders to make the miter work.
I decided to use some of the leftover 2 1/2" strips on the backing & even decided to cover a slight flaw in the  backing fabric with a little bitty patch made from the strips.  I could have put the patch on the outer edge which was eventually removed after machine quilting, but you know me, I just had to put a little something different in my quilt.
The quilt measures approximately 81" x 93".  Fits a queen size bed.  I put it on top of my king bed & it covered the entire top (without hanging over the edges) quite nicely.
I do believe I will put a price tag on this quilt of $225.
It is made with 100% cotton flannel.  Nice & soft to snuggle with.

Fence Rail block used.  Simple but effective.

I call this one "River Walk".  The blue reminds me of a river with the lavender as the walkway.

Quilted with LQS pattern called "Geometric Pinwheels".  Of course I don't follow it to a "T" because I just have to put a little of myself into the design.  Not much change, just a little different on a pinwheel here and there.


Here's my little bitty patch.  I don't know why, but I just really liked it hiding on the back.  Shows that I am perfectly imperfect!

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