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Quilting for pleasure
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frugal Quilter

A couple of years ago I bought a clearance roll of a crib quilt top.  I am not sure how many of the little guys are on the roll but it cost me under $5 for all of it.  I had seen a demonstration on a faux chenille baby quilt using 4 layers of the same crib panel & decided I would try it some day.  OK, so I bought the panels a couple of years ago, and yes, it has been in the closet just waiting for me.  I have cut 8 panels from the roll & you can see there are many more to go.  To make the blanket I placed a piece of pink flannel right side down on a foam board.  Then layered 4 crib panels all facing up on top of the flannel.  I use spray baste between each layer (you don't need much).  A line is then chalked from one corner to the diagonal corner.  That becomes my first stitch line.  Sewed lines are then made shadowing the first line (approximately 1/2" apart).  I sew in a different direction for each line.  This helps keep the fabric from shifting in one direction.  After all lines are sewn I then cut through the first 3 crib panels only.  After all rows are cut, I then square up the quilt, sew the binding on & then run it through the rinse cycle in the washer & then dry it in the dryer to "fluff" the faux chenille.  There you have a cute little blanket.  I am now sewing another one.  If anyone wants to give it a try, let me know.  Happy sewing to all.

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