Quilting for pleasure

Quilting for pleasure
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scrappy IV

This is the last quilt in a series of four made from a one gallon ziplock bag of scraps.  Of course, I had to add more fabric for the filling blocks, sashing & border.  However, those fabrics were straight our of my stash and had been used in other quilts.  I even went one step further and opened up my containers of precut shapes and used what was left of those to give some dimension to this last quilt.  The cutouts were created using my Accucut studio die cutting machine.  I invested in this great product a couple of years ago and have great fun with it.  I love to let my imagination fly.  If anyone ever needs some precut shapes, just find someone locally who has an Accucut studio or GO cutter (a smaller version of the studio die cutter) and ask them if they would cut some shapes for you.  You may be so lucky as to find someone willing to let you use their machine (at their home, studio, or quilt shop) for free.  Remember, have fun with your quilting.  You can chose your own color scheme, decide on the pattern to use, and even the color of thread for the quilting.  Spread your wings and enjoy the journey!

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